Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials

Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials
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Table of Content - 5th Edition

  1. Fundamentals of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  2. Structure and Manufacturing Properties of Metals
  3. Surfaces, Tribology, Dimensional Characteristics, Inspection, and Product Quality Assurance
  4. Metal-Casting Processes and Equipment; Heat Treatment
  5. Bulk Deformation Processes
  6. Sheet-Metal Forming Processes
  7. Material-Removal Processes: Cutting
  8. Material-Removal Processes: Abrasive, Chemical, Electrical, and High-Energy Beams
  9. Properties and Processing of Polymers and Reinforced Plastics; Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling
  10. Properties and Processing of Metal Powders, Ceramics, Glasses, Composites, and Superconductors
  11. Joining and Fastening Processes
  12. Fabrication of Microelectronic, Micromechanical, and Microelectromechanical Devices; Nanomanufacturing
  13. Automation of Manufacturing Processes and Operations
  14. Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems
  15. Product Design and Manufacturing in a Global Competitive Environment

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